If you love the feelings of excitement and delight you experience playing The Wish

then you're going to


when you learn how to tap even deeper

into the magic and wonder of The Wish in this super fun workshop.


Discover my best tips and secrets to

getting the most creativity, happiness and success out of your Wishing

and marvel in awe as you start watching your Wishes come true!!





with Louise Laffey

How to confidently read your signs

How to word your Wishes 'just right'

How to trust your   deeper feelings

Discover the secrets to writing playful and creative wishes that will make your Heart sing and leave you feeling super excited! It's time to take Wishing to the next level!

Learn how to feel more confident in reading the signs and messages from the game and what they really mean for you along the path to realising your Wish.


Understand the true meaning of your feelings and the power of e-motions (energy in motion) and why trusting your feelings is a key step to successful Wishing.  

This FREE Wish workshop is suitable for anyone who is new to playing The Wish and would like to learn more about the key features of the game and the power of Wishing.  

AND this workshop is for dedicated fans of The Wish who are keen to learn more about the energy behind the The Wish and how they can tap to into that magic to take their wishing to the next level of happiness!


Is this Workshop for beginners, intermediate or advanced students of The Wish?


The workshop will be hosted on GotoMeeting which is a free online webinar platform that you can access via your computer (Mac or PC) or mobile device (iOS or Android devices).  Once you register for the FREE Wish workshop, my support team will send you all the details  about how to join the call.  You can also contact us at if you have any extra questions before the workshop starts.


How and where will the Workshop be run?

The workshop will run for 2 hours.


How long does the workshop go for?

No preparation is needed in advance of the workshop.  However, I will encourage you to ask any questions you have during the live call. My team will be on hand to help you can do that at the start of the workshop.  

Do I need to prepare any material for the workshop?

Your registration includes your online attendance for the LIVE 2 hour FREE Wish workshop with me, Louise Laffey.

You will also be sent a link to a recording of the workshop so you can listen to it again whenever you like!  

AND I will be offering all attendees of the workshop,  special discount pricing on select Wish merchandise for a limited time after the class.


What does my registration include?

How to unlock the sacred geometry

How to drop into More abundanT flow

How to feel happier on the inside & out!

You'll be blown away by all the amazing sacred geometry hidden with The Wish!  I'll share some of the layers and meanings of the symbolism and numerology I know you'll love!

The Wish is all about working with the energy of '8' which we know represents abundance!  I'll show you the secrets to dropping into more of your abundance flow and how to stay there!  



And last but not least, we will share plenty of fun and laughter along the way as we connect into the gorgeous feelings of pure happiness that come with making our wishes come true!

what you'll discover in this

free workshop

Are you ready for your next taste of wish Magic?


then I invite you to join me LIVE for 2 HOURS of fun diving into the amazing energy of The Wish!




US/CAN*: Saturday 6 April  2019 ~  3pm PDST | 4pm MDST | 5pm CDST | 6pm EDST

AUS/NZ: Sunday 7 April 2019 ~ 8am (AEST) | 10am (NZST)

(* DST = daylight savings time )


Online call details will be provided on registration


PLUS take advantage of my special Workshop pricing on lots of our Wish Store goodies

when you register to attend.  




I'm looking forward to sharing this workshop with you ~ I hope you can join me!


Best Wishes

Louise x








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