Learn how to tune into universal energy and align with the exact vibration of the life experiences you wish to create!

Imagine wanting to listen to your favourite music on the radio.  You know you have to dial into the right station to hear the songs from your favourite artists.   If you're into pop, you need to tune into POP FM.  If you like rock, then ROCK FM is your choice ~ indie, hip hop, country, R&B, whatever you love ~ you get the point.     

What you will gain from this webinar

The 4 Steps to Create the Life You’ve Always Wished For


Learn how to recognise the 'HIT & MISS' stations you've dialled into and how to re-tune into your AUTHENTIC FM!

AUS/NZ: 19 May 2019 | 8am (AEST) | 10am (NZST)

US/CAN: 18 May 2019 | 3pm (PDT) | 4pm (MDT) |  5pm (CDT) | 6pm (EDT)

UK/IRE: 19 May 2019 | 11pm (GMT)


Discover how to create your favourite  'playlists' and start enjoying more of your AUTHENTIC FM greatest hits!

AUS/NZ: 26 May 2019 | 8am (AEST) | 10am (NZST)

US/CAN: 25 May 2019 | 3pm (PDT) | 4pm (MDT) |  5pm (CDT) | 6pm (EDT)

UK/IRE: 25 May 2019 | 11pm (GMT)


Let go of the noisy 'interference' (the blocks) that stops you from clearly hearing your AUTHENTIC FM.

AUS/NZ: 2 June 2019 | 8am (AEST)| 10am (NZST)

US/CAN: 1 June 2019 | 3pm (PDT) | 4pm (MDT) |  5pm (CDT) | 6pm (EDT)

UK/IRE: 1 June 2019 | 11pm (GMT)


Practice turning up the volume on your AUTHENTIC FM and start dancing away to a happier life!

AUS/NZ: 9 June 2019 | 8am (AEST) | 10am (NZST)

US/CAN: 8 June 2019 | 3pm (PDT) | 4pm (MDT) |  5pm (CDT) | 6pm (EDT)

UK/IRE: 8 June 2019 | 11pm (GMT)

About Louise Laffey

Louise has been practising energy and metaphysical work for over 20 years.

In early 2007 she was awoken in the middle of the night with what she instinctively knew was a big idea! For the next 24 hours, she channelled pieces of a puzzle that would soon become her life's work: The Wish®

Since that time, Louise has travelled the world teaching people how to play the game of their life. During that time she estimates she and her team have  shared over 100,000 wishes with fans from over 20 countries helping to manifest wishes for true love, financial freedom, health and well being, life purpose, peace and happiness!

She has shared the stage with some of the world's leading thought leaders in metaphysics like Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck, Jeanne Houston and Mike Dooley.

She is a regular guest speaker with The Wish® at the renowned Chopra Center in California, USA.

What’s The Wish Game?

The Wish® is the transformational energy game created by Louise Laffey.

It's helping thousands of people around the world to manifest their Heart's deepest wishes for

true love, financial freedom, clarity of purpose, improved health & wellbeing and lasting happiness!

Nice Things People Have Said About Louise

Working with Louise made the difference for me to smash the the world record and win the World Championships. We knew before we even started the race that we would win it outright ~ we had already tuned into the energy!

I am excited to be working with Louise again in my new pursuit of becoming a world champion surfer.

Matt Formston


Working with Louise has changed my life ~ it's amazing! I've discovered my true life purpose and now I'm living it everyday and I couldn't be happier!  I love connecting with people and helping them live their best life. I tell everyone about Louise & The Wish®. I want everyone to share in what I have. When you feel this good you want to pass it on! 

Fran Hardy


Gordon McGregor


"As a leading Event Planner in the US, I have had Louise regularly present and lead audiences of 500+ at the Chopra Center in playing The Wish® . Louise offers her love and divine gifts and guidance every chance she gets. To experience her live is a phenomenal experience not to be missed! Simply said: Louise Laffey is one of a kind and transforms lives!"

For many years, Louise Laffey has been a popular guest teacher at the Chopra Center, helping thousands of people let go of their stress and fear around finances – and live a life of abundance, joy, and true fulfillment.

Her approach combines practical tools, spiritual wisdom, and her own experience as a successful lawyer and entrepreneur who has found a way to follow her heart and create financial freedom.  


Know Somebody Special Who Could Benefit From Louise's Teachings?



Frequently Asked Questions

The Authentic FM webinar series is suitable for everyone ~ whether you are a ‘beginner' to spiritual work, an ‘intermediate' student or a more ‘seasoned' spiritual seeker. Why? Because the teachings I will share with you provide a strong energetic 'framework' that you can use at ANY stage of your spiritual journey ~ all my teachings are to be applied in the NOW, your present moment. Trust that the Universe will give YOU your own perfect messages and lessons in your own perfect timing. That’s the best part of learning how to work with Universal energy ~ it’s always tailored exactly to you, where you are right now.

Is this a course for beginners, intermediate or advanced students?

That’s okay, I'll send you an audio recording of the session you missed to you at your email address, so you can catch up on the class in your own time. And I’ll post the week’s ‘homework’ (which is optional to complete) on our private Facebook page so you can read what action steps I’m encouraging you (and your soul classmates) to take so you can practise what you’ve learnt.

What happens if I can’t attend every session of the course?

I understand that taking an ‘energy’ class can be a leap of faith ~ that’s why I offer all my clients the peace of mind of a 100% money back guarantee.  If after attending Week 1’s session you feel this course is not for you, I’ll happily refund your money in full, no questions asked.

What happens if I attend the first session and I feel like this course is not for me?

I host the webinar on GotoMeeting which is a free online webinar platform that you can access via your computer (Mac or PC) or mobile device (iOS or Android devices). Once you register for the webinar, I will send you all the details to explain how to join the calls plus the contact details of my Wish team in case you have any personal questions or you feel you'd like some extra support.

How is the webinar run?

Each weekly call goes for between 90 - 120 mins. I encourage you to allow the maximum time to ensure you receive the full teachings each week.

How long does each webinar call go for?

No preparation is needed in advance of the call. However, I may encourage you to share your weekly insights with your classmates either on the call or on the closed Facebook page. Please note both are optional ~ you can let me know if you prefer to just listen in.

Do I need to prepare any material for the calls?

Once you register for the webinar, I will send you all the details to explain how to join the private Facebook page and the contact details for my Wish team in case you have any extra questions you need answered or you would like some extra support getting connected to Facebook.

What do I need to do about joining the private group Facebook page?

I will record your details to keep you informed about other upcoming webinars and events that may be of interest to you. This information will not be accessed by other parties. You may contact support@thewish8.com at any time by email to update your personal information.  Please see our Privacy Policy for more information on how I hold and manage your personal information.

How do you protect my privacy?

Your registration includes online attendance for 4 consecutive weeks live teachings personally, with me, Louise Laffey. You will be provided with audio recordings of each weekly session by email, to your nominated email address. You will also receive an invitation from me, to become a member of a private (closed group) Facebook page for attendees of Authentic FM. This page will be hosted and managed exclusively by me for the duration of the course and will remain open for a further two weeks after the completion of the course to allow attendees to continue to share their personal insights, breakthroughs and success stories.   Throughout the 4 weeks, you will also have access to my 'behind the scenes' support team that can assist you with any enquiries relating to the administration and running of the Authentic FM webinar series.

What does my registration include?

We love hearing from you so please feel free to ask us any questions about  our online courses,  playing The Wish® or to request personal assistance with finalising your purchase.




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Lasting Love

Discover why you've 'lost in love' in the past and how you can tune into true heart to heart connections that will lead you to lasting love.

Sustained Happiness

Understand why listening to your Heart is the key to following your bliss and developing happiness from the inside out.

Stronger Cashflow

Hear the 'energetic blocks' to your cash~flow and feel how easy it is to create more money with new and exciting business opportunities.

Greater Awareness

Let go of your old fears and self doubt and open your mind to the wonderful possibilities and experiences that are waiting for you.

Successful Results

Start walking the talk and put the 'theory' into practise ~ experience the real life results of AUTHENTIC FM for yourself!

Spiritual Connection

Create a powerful 'relationship' with the Universe and appreciate why this "intelligent field' is your new best friend.








I use the analogy of tuning into a radio station to show you that 'thinking'  how to be tuned into the Universe is not the same as actually 'being' tuned in to the Universe ~ the BIG difference?  The quality of your life experiences!


The problem is most of us have never been shown how to tune into AUTHENTIC FM.  Well not in any easy, practical way.  And that's where I come in ~ I've spent the last 20 years studying and practising how to work with Universal energy.  In 2007, I tuned into AUTHENTIC FM and 'heard" The Wish (you can read about that below).  

Now I travel the world teaching people how to work with Universal energy so they can safely turn up the volume on their AUTHENTIC FM energy stations and attract more happiness and magic into their life.

If you're ready to live more of the happy, successful, abundant life you know you're meant to be living,                 then I invite you to join me for AUTHENTIC FM 2019 ~ I promise it'll be a game changer!


Louise x  

Tuning into the Universe works the same way.  If you want to listen to the Universe, you need to tune into 'AUTHENTIC FM' ~ it's the station that will play all your favourite life experiences, what I call your 'greatest hits' ~ love, romance, abundance, success, fun, creativity, adventure, happiness .... You name it, the Universe can play it!

You have to tune into the right station to listen to AND experience the songs that connect with you the most,